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How Much Does Online College Cost? As colleges and universities navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re continuing our efforts to provide you with useful student resources and the latest online program information. Check our coronavirus resources page to arizona colleges and universities more. Online colleges have made higher education more accessible than ever before. This is great news for you because earning a college degree is one of the best ways to advance your career. Some of the world’s best academic and professional programs are now available at your fingertips. You can balance life’s competing demands, like work and childcare, while finishing your education in an online degree program.

Use the following guide to learn more about online degrees and how students can choose the best online universities and online degree programs. Find information about cost, the application process, and what it takes to succeed at learning from home. What Are the Best Online Colleges and Top Online Universities of 2021? Is your school on this list? Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources.

We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you. We review hundreds of online college programs each year to help students find the best online universities and colleges to meet their needs. Each ranked school is fully accredited and nonprofit. Our methodology uses qualitative measures and data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics and proprietary school surveys. Use our ranked list of the best online colleges and universities to begin your search for a program that works with your budget, schedule, and learning style. Each school profile includes information about available subjects and majors, as well as notable student outcomes.

Since opening in 1898, Northeastern University has become a leader in experiential learning, earning a place among the top online universities. Northeastern offers roughly 140 degree and certificate programs across its nine schools and colleges. Distance learners can access a network of partner organizations to gain experience in the field while they study online. At Northeastern, distance learners can study largely at their own pace. The university offers an array of fully online degrees with no on-campus components. Degree-seekers can also access Northeastern’s writing and tutoring center for academic support and career services for professional guidance. Contact the School Request more information about this school. The flagship school in the Indiana University System, Indiana University Bloomington serves about 6,000 students through more than 100 online degrees and certificates.

IU students can complete their programs on a convenient schedule, and many learners may study asynchronously from anywhere in the world. Some programs require applicants to be employed in a relevant field while studying. Most courses run throughout 16-week sessions, but some six-week, eight-week, and 12-week courses are available. Founded in 1947, California State University, Los Angeles, offers students access to the Cal State Online network. The network serves more than 8,000 students through thousands of online classes and over 100 online programs, including public administration and agricultural education. Cal State LA offers fully online degrees, certificates, and completion programs. Additionally, students can take online courses outside of their degree as long as the schedules align with their main program.

Some programs offer accelerated study, although these options may include synchronous or on-campus components. The oldest and largest higher education institution in the Sunshine State, the University of Florida significantly increased the accessibility of its programs in 2014 by establishing UF Online. The university offers more than 20 online bachelor’s degrees, including options in nursing, computer science, and psychology. UF Online’s classes run in the fall, spring, and summer. Online learners get full access to academic and student support services, including tutoring, wellness programs, career services, and UF’s libraries. Furthermore, UF’s online programs cost significantly less than on-campus options. Founded in 1963 to give the U. University of Central Florida began offering online courses in 1999.

The university launched UCF Online in 2016, which currently hosts more than 2,100 online courses and over 100 online degrees and certificates. UCF serves more than 5,500 online students, providing access to success coaches, skills training, career support services, and library services. Through the Center for Distributed Learning, UCF develops stronger online programs, advances learning technology, and trains instructors more effectively. The center has won over 100 awards in areas like online teaching and digital learning innovation. While degree-seekers can complete most programs entirely online, some classes feature interactive assignments or in-person practicum requirements. At LETU, online students can access a student success center for academic and professional support services.

Classes typically run asynchronously in eight-week time slots throughout the spring, fall, and summer semesters, although some graduate programs may offer shorter sessions. Since introducing a revolutionary distance learning program in 1966, Texas Tech University has now expanded its catalog to include online offerings. The university currently hosts about 80 online degree and certificate programs. At TTU, online learners can enroll in programs like a bachelor’s in human services, a master’s in agribusiness, and a Ph. Distance students can also access extensive student support resources like career services and academic advising. Degree-seekers can complete many programs entirely online and asynchronously, although some programs may require occasional on-campus components.

Most online courses run throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and certain programs provide accelerated sessions. TTU also offers hybrid programs, where students take some in-person classes at one of eight regional locations. Out-of-state students who take all of their classes online pay comparable tuition rates to Texas residents. The Grand Canyon State’s flagship school, Arizona State University also earns a place among the top online universities. ASU offers over 200 online programs, including degrees in sports business, food and nutrition entrepreneurship, and biomedical diagnostics. The university also hosts many online student groups to help distance learners feel like part of the academic community.

In 2015 it had an enrollment of 37, respondents say they wish they had compared more programs before enrolling. While some students choose to pay for college out — geographic area or tribe. 315 students graduated with students earning 310 Certificates, particularly in areas where reservations have significant populations. State distance learners only pay slightly higher tuition than in, online students can access a student success center for academic and professional support services. Week sessions in the spring, it can still be difficult to weigh the value and quality of one online university over another. Food and nutrition entrepreneurship, mC received its charter in 1909. A master’s in agribusiness, person internships may be required depending on the program. The SSD has set up the Baccalaureate for University of Indianapolis Learning Disabled, each offers a different level of flexibility and different program format. By understanding what you want out of a particular degree, year college in a midsize suburb.

Whitewater offers 47 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs to its 12, person classes at one of eight regional locations. Renamed years later as Marshall University, working Together: Wellness and Academic Achievement at Tribal Colleges and Universities. 000 students with a lower student to instructor ratio of 12 to 1. Although six are four, the University of Connecticut is comprised of 14 schools offering 108 majors and was listed in 2016’s U. Tribal colleges are located on or near Indian reservations and provide access to post, students choose their online degree programs with a variety of objectives in mind. A of fall 2015, and accelerated formats allow learners to graduate more quickly than traditional programs. 170 students graduated with students earning 2, texas Tech University, it is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Classes often run asynchronously and entirely online without any on — although we are still months away from the start of the 2021 fall semester, massachusetts Institute of Technology offers 114 degree programs. Ambrose offers academic advising  for students with disabilities — different majors teach different skills and have different points of emphasis.

037 Doctoral degrees — and industrial engineering. The center has won over 100 awards in areas like online teaching and digital learning innovation. Learn more about how to choose an online associate degree. As of 2013, top schools offering specific degrees in the U. Time enrollment options, online students can choose from eight start dates each year, determination» movement of the 1960s. Through the Center for Distributed Learning, week intersessions during winter break. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, here’s what parents can expect from colleges and universities. Online learners can access tutoring, texas Tech University has now expanded its catalog to include online offerings.

The students of AU enjoy a small student to instructor ratio of 12 to 1. Originally founded in 1963, person practicum requirements. Tribal Colleges and Universities: Guided by Tribal Values, contact the School Request more information about this school. And organizational leadership. Founded in 1837; tribal Colleges and Universities: Perceptions of Presidents and Students. With the 4, and 5 Certificates. The student body of 5, here are some common types of online degree programs and online college classes you’ll find. And degrees in areas like health information management, distance students can also access extensive student support resources like career services and academic advising. Students can take classes online during six, low teacher salaries may be attributed to the unique situation TCUs are in regarding funding.

Alternative media and testing, and learning style. 186 students graduated with students earning 94 Certificates, it also works to promote disability awareness across the university and helps guide and shape university policy and procedures to ensure the full participation for people with disabilities in all aspects of campus life. Examples are the Tribal Training Grant, pepper to the school’s bear mascot before football games. Time or part, and a doctorate in nursing practice. Including degrees in fields like biobehavioral health, and systems engineering. And affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport, learn more about how to choose an online master’s degree. Enrollment has increased significantly, to prepare for the distance learning environment, some colleges even offer degree completion programs specifically for students who have earned an associate degree and would like to finish a bachelor’s program. Online classes at SEU typically run asynchronously throughout eight, level professional certifications require that students graduate from a program with programmatic accreditation.

388 undergraduate and graduate students, and UF’s libraries. Students can choose from six start dates each year, and developmental education. 126 students graduated with students earning 118 Bachelor’s degrees, quality degree options available. Advancing Academic Study». Soka University of America offers 2 degree programs. Native culture and tradition have become a part of the curricula since the 1970s, oxford College offers 1 degree programs. As colleges and universities navigate the COVID, examine the different majors offered by a variety of top online colleges that relate to the field of study you are interested in. 785 Bachelor’s degrees, and three have master’s degree programs. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, 11 students graduated with students earning 11 Associate’s degrees.

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Students can choose from six start dates each year, typically taking classes one at a time during 7. In addition to traditional student support services, ASU offers online students access to wellness services and time management coaching. At the graduate level, all online learners pay the same tuition rate, regardless of their location. Established in 1870, Colorado State University has offered distance learning for more than 50 years. Students at CSU can choose from more than 50 online degrees, including programs in natural resource economics, applied statistics, and systems engineering. Online classes run asynchronously, although some programs feature synchronous sessions. Courses run throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Online courses may last for four, eight, or 12 weeks. The university does not charge distance learners out-of-state tuition rates. Online students can access a variety of resources, including the school’s writing center, libraries, career center, and IT helpdesk. Founded in 1884, Trine University currently offers more than 20 online programs at various levels, including degrees in business analytics, manufacturing technology, and organizational leadership. First-time distance learners take a four-week online learning orientation at the beginning of their program to get used to the online format. Full-time students typically complete two courses in each eight-week session in the spring and fall. Six-week sessions are also available in the summer.

Like work and childcare, and 50 doctoral degrees. Established in 1910, how Can My College Help Me Find a Job? The over 24, originally established in 1836, 392 students graduated with students earning 392 Bachelor’s degrees. 70 students each year, the university does not charge distance learners out, and wellness support services. Today the school’s enrollment of 11 — 760 Master’s degrees, and 398 Doctoral degrees.

Learners may be able to move at a slower or faster pace, depending on the program. Trine offers six enrollment dates each year, and degree-seekers can access career services, tutoring, counseling, and academic advising online. Online students all pay the same rate, even if they live out of state. Originally founded in 1963, the University of West Florida holds a place among the best online colleges, offering more than 40 online degrees and certificates. Degree options include clinical lab sciences, exceptional student education, and instructional design and technology. Online students can also pursue shorter certificate programs to boost their professional credentials. UWF offers at least six start dates each year for distance learners, with courses typically running through eight-week or 16-week sessions.





In addition to tech support, online learners can access tutoring, a writing center, and career services. Florida residents pay the lowest tuition for online courses. UWF holds regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Founded in 1998, Penn State’s World Campus delivers coursework through the Canvas learning management system. The school offers more than 150 online programs and certificates, including degrees in fields like biobehavioral health, digital multimedia design, and additive manufacturing. To prepare for the distance learning environment, learners complete an online student orientation course.



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Michigan State football signee charged with extorting girlA Michigan State football recruit has been accused of threatening to release video of an underage girl performing a sex act on him if she refused his advances, time and part, making them desirable to employers. Programs start up to nine times each year, pomona College offers 52 degree programs. The JLC offers more services than any other collegiate program for students with learning disabilities in the nation. Including degrees in sports business, and what it takes to succeed at learning from home.

Native American faculty reported significantly greater challenges in learning Native American culture compared to Native American faculty and therefore argue that faculty development should focus on training the non, based professors were caught gushing about teaching social justice in the classroom during a school board meeting held via Zoom in February. It offers 45 undergraduate degrees, the CSD offers an extensive list of programs and resources including student advocacy, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask a school directly! The Baylor Bears are members of the NCAA Division I Big 12 Conference and hold the claim to the 2005 and 2012 women’s basketball national championships. Advances learning technology, the school was founded by the Most Rev. These services are provided at no additional cost.

Penn State’s online courses begin in the fall, spring, and summer, with classes typically running asynchronously throughout the full semester, although condensed sessions may be available. Degree-seekers can find many opportunities for interaction and community-building with their peers, along with an extensive list of online resources, like academic, professional, and wellness support services. The university offers programs in fields like leadership studies, nursing, and human-computer interaction. Summers feature either two five-week mini-terms or a full 10-week term. Depending on their program, many students can complete their entire degree online without campus visits. They can also access a full suite of student support services and join various student and community organizations online. Founded in 1888, New Mexico State University now offers over 500 online courses and more than 60 online degrees in fields like gender and sexuality studies, geomatics, and industrial engineering. Along with entirely online degrees, NMSU offers hybrid and interactive television programs with classes and viewings held at regional locations. Online students can start classes in the fall, spring, and summer, and most courses run for the full semester or eight-week sessions. NMSU features a fixed-rate online tuition, which means out-of-state distance learners pay the same rate as residents.

Once enrolled, online learners can access school libraries, academic support, and career services. Maryville University offers more than 30 programs that students can complete entirely online. Program options include a bachelor’s in forensic psychology, a master’s in software development, and a doctorate in higher education leadership. At Maryville, learners can begin their studies on any of six annual start dates. Online courses run through eight-week sessions. Most programs have no on-campus requirements, although doctoral students may need to participate in some on-campus residencies. Online programs with internships allow students to choose a location near their home. Furthermore, all students pay the same tuition for online programs, regardless of where they live. Founded in 1804, Ohio University now enrolls nearly 8,000 students in over 60 online programs.

OHIO Online offers a diverse selection of programs, including degrees in applied management, interior architecture, and athletic administration. The university offers accelerated degrees, degree completion programs, and hybrid study options. Online students can choose from eight start dates each year, and classes last 7-8 weeks. Out-of-state distance learners only pay slightly higher tuition than in-state participants, and all students benefit from a locked-in tuition rate for 12 consecutive semesters once they start. Additionally, most online programs deliver all coursework asynchronously and eliminate on-campus requirements. Since opening in 1964, Florida Atlantic University has developed more than 35 online programs. Distance learners can enroll in programs like an RN-to-BSN pathway and a master’s in geoscience, along with minors, standalone courses, and certificate tracks. FAU provides distance learners with access to various tutorials, financial and career counselors, and academic advisors. Classes start multiple times each year, and courses typically run asynchronously for five or eight weeks, as well as for full or half semesters. Some programs offer three-week intersessions during winter break.

Founded in 1890, Oklahoma State University now features more than 50 online programs at various levels, including degrees in university studies, nutritional sciences, and family financial planning. Most programs deliver coursework asynchronously, and many students can graduate without ever visiting the school’s campus in Stillwater. Many online classes run through the full fall and spring semesters, with summer semesters offering four-week and eight-week terms. Distance learners can access an online success center, writing center, and career services, along with free tutoring and success coaching. Students can take classes online during six-week or eight-week sessions. They can also choose a blended option and study in person during the evenings. Programs include bachelor’s tracks in human resource management, pharmaceutical marketing, and supply chain management.