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Skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing are a part of the American tradition. According to a recent Roper Poll of voting age Americans, more than 55 million Americans have participated in skinny-dipping or nude sunbathing in mixed company. Seventy-four percent believe that people who enjoy nude sunbathing should be able to do so, clothing optional interference from officials, at a beach that is accepted for that purpose. Election Day — November 7, 2006. Across the country, nude beaches are demonstrating the popularity and acceptance that has been reflected by the recent Roper Poll. Some beach locations are officially sanctioned or designated for clothing-optional use. Other beaches have been an accepted part of the community for generations, but lack official designation.

Types of Nude Beaches   Just like the people who enjoy them, nude beaches come in a wide assortment. OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED CLOTHING-OPTIONAL BEACHES: In many locations, local authorities have recognized the value of nude beaches and have set aside areas for this specific sort of recreational use. Frequently, designation is accompanied by signage, though signs can sometimes be merely informational. TRADITIONAL BEACHES MANAGED FOR NUDE USE: Some clothing-optional areas are not officially designated, but tradition and history has resulted in management for nude use. The Importance of Signage   Signs at a nude beach are valuable management tools.

The shape, materials and colors for this example were specified by the National Park Service. Nude Beaches and the Law   Laws addressing nudity vary from state to state, and sometimes from county to county. Federal law does not generally criminalize nudity, but local units of federal agencies frequently have agreements of concurrent jurisdiction with the states in which they are located. As a practical matter, that means that state laws can apply to a nude beach located on federal land. Federal managers typically have wide lattitude in determining an appropriate level of enforcement. Nudity and Children   Nude beaches are typically family-friendly places.

Psychological and sociological studies have shown that children raised in clothes-free environments are not harmed by exposure to nudity. In fact, those children benefit from the experience through improved self-image and confidence. User Groups at Nude Beaches   Local user groups are an important part of a healthy nude beach. Beyond being good stewards of the environment, local groups contribute through special projects like beach cleanups, and they become a real asset to those who manage the beach. South Florida Free Beaches created a nude beach from a high crime area, and SFFB has looked after Haulover Beach ever since. The presence of naturist families has enhanced and stabilized the social structure of the beach. A number of years ago, SFFB established its Beach Ambassadors, a high profile network of beach assistance, information and monitoring that has become a prototype for other programs across the country. Collins Beach at Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock State Park, and to the promotion of  family-oriented social nude recreation at both beaches.

ORCOBA instituted its Yellow Flag program, which allows trusted members to fly a special yellow pennant at their locations on the beach. People who need help on the beach know to seek a yellow flag. Economic Benefits of Nude Beaches   Not every community seeks tourist dollars, but those that do have discovered nude beaches to be a gold mine. 400 million annual boon to the local economy. Visitors to nude beaches eat in local restaurants, stay in local hotels and buy local goods. The total impact can be significant.

2006 — 2016 Naturist Action Committee, Inc. The NPS has posted signs all over the place telling people to keep their clothes on. St Joseph has three public beaches on Lake Michigan, Tisconia Park, Sliver Beach and Lions Park from north to south. According to reddit user clean_plate_club, there is a nude beach on private property south of the three public beaches. South Manitou Island is a now uninhabited island managed by the National Park Service and part of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The Leelenau Peninsula near Traverse City has lots of beaches that are rather secluded.

If you are looking for secluded beaches on Lake Michigan, then the further North you go in Leelanau County, the fewer people you’ll likely have to contend with. Skinny-dippers, nude bathers and naturists have been spotted from time to time at other remote beaches in the region, including Wilderness near Mackinaw City. Noordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area is north of Ludington and part of Manistee National Forest. The directions I had read said I needed to go further but the day was wasting away and I was beginning to tire, so I headed up into the dunes and shed those uncomfortable clothes. Oh the freedom, soaking up the rays surrounded by sand makes the sun seem much more intense. A strong lake breeze, partialy blocked by the dunes, kept me from feeling too hot. To keep your personal information safe, we need to verify that it’s really you. Please note that your prizes and activities will not be shared between programs within our VIP network.

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If you find a lower rate for Desire Resorts in the Riviera Maya and Temptation Resort Cancun, let us know and we will match it! The next frontier for adventurous—yet discerning—travelers? At least that’s what a growing string of nude resorts are betting on as they fancy things up to lure a well-heeled clientele. Davy Rothbart ditched his drawers to find out whether there’s actually such a thing as high-class nudity. The lobby, dotted with white leather love seats and lit with a purple glow, had the feel of a private lounge for Vegas bigwigs. My mission was born of curiosity. You see, an inventive new concept in the leisure economy had caught my attention, a travel trend that seemed wildly contradictory: luxury nudity. Could that really be a thing?

After all, the nudists I’ve met in my travels have tended to be hippies and Burning Man types. You know, the kindly folks you’ll discover soaking in hot springs outside of Taos, perhaps bleating low notes on a didgeridoo. In other words, not the crowd I’d expect to be psyched about high-end vacation options. The free spirits flocking to Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, I figured, had to be a different sort. 1,500, this place wasn’t for hippies. And how was it that Desire Pearl and a string of establishments like it were booked solid for months at a time? The receptionist at the desk seemed to sense my urge to uncork these beguiling mysteries. And she quickly sniffed me out as a newbie, scared to take off my clothes.

Jacuzzi Happy Hour starts at four. A bellhop ferried my bags toward my room, past pungent trees heavy with tropical fruit. The view from the balcony of my suite was lush and magnificent. On the beach below, a spider monkey rested his chin in his hands, as though smitten with the scenery himself. No matter how much sex you’ve seen in movies or on bookmarked sites on your laptop, it feels crazy to watch real people go at it, just yards away. But as I followed the monkey’s gaze, I realized he was staring not at the ocean and its glisten of afternoon sun but at a 1,000 percent naked guy, squatting close by, rigorously applying suntan lotion to his penis, balls, and ass cheeks. The guy must have felt me studying him, because he whipped his head around and locked eyes with me.

I waved back, embarrassed for both of us, and quickly slunk back into my room. A half hour later, still uneasy with getting naked myself, I grabbed a complimentary bottle of Chivas Regal from the nightstand and took a slug to work up the nerve. With a beach towel over my shoulders—and my soft parts dangling in the breeze—I strolled out the door and past three young housemaids, who gave me a chipper hello. Back home, they would’ve had me arrested. Soon I laid eyes on the social epicenter of the resort: the gigantic Jacuzzi, wide as a helicopter landing pad. Heavily lotioned breasts swiveled in all directions like turret guns on a tank, while here and there penises wiggled, waggled, and flopped, flashing in the Mexican sunlight like perch in a trawler’s net. Picture a gaggle of parents convened outside an elementary school. Now imagine those same people naked as hell, day-drinking in a jumbo-size hot tub—that’s what Jacuzzi Happy Hour at Desire Pearl looked like.

I sauntered my way down the path. The receptionist was right: it was easy to make friends. Within a few minutes, I found myself deep in conversation with a handsome airline pilot and father of three from rural Wisconsin, a man I’ll call Rob. I’ve changed the names and identifying details of the hotel guests. He was chilling—half submerged and totally nude—on the Jacuzzi’s steps. At his side stood his pretty wife, Laura.

She was topless but wore a pair of bikini bottoms as she scanned the scrum of naked bodies soaking before us, 43 by my count, including mine. Sipping cocktails from plastic cups, Rob and Laura told me it was their first visit to a so-called lifestyle resort. It was their second day here, and they seemed perhaps even more weirded out by the scene than I was. Just then, a large round man in his mid-50s with a jovial smile and graying hair splashed over and introduced himself as Karl from Colorado. He had the vibe of the world’s most amiable polar bear. Karl, landing a paw on Rob’s shoulder.

He pointed out a woman across the tub. A big woman with a kind face and sweet disposition hustled over, her large breasts decorated with gold nipple rings that matched the ones in Karl’s ears. Mind if I kiss your neck? Instantly, Karen and Karl sandwiched Laura between them. Karen planted soft kisses on Laura’s ears and the back of her neck while Karl kissed her shoulders, then continued toward her clavicle. Rob looked on in quiet, bemused amazement. Then, just as quickly, Karl and Karen pulled away.

In that moment, a murmur swept across the Jacuzzi. Half the folks in the water turned their attention toward one of the six cabanas that ring the oversize tub. There, a tall, young, freckled woman was giving her boyfriend a sensual blow job, her ass waving in the air behind her. Rob’s and Laura’s eyes went wide. I have to admit, no matter how much sex you’ve seen in movies or on bookmarked sites on your laptop, it feels crazy to watch real people go at it, just yards away. Sure, I’d prepared myself to see some amorous behavior, but I’d imagined it’d be fleeting and discreet. But even when the trailhead signs warn about bears and rattlesnakes, you’re still a little surprised when you see them. Although it may be a key attraction for some, the prospect of sex with strangers isn’t explicitly advertised by Desire Pearl.

According to Daniel, one of two Americans who work at Desire Pearl selling vacation packages, the obfuscation allows for a level of discretion, even deniability. Of course, as Daniel notes, not everybody is here for sex—you’ve got plenty of standard-issue nudists, and also people just drawn by the edgy atmosphere. Others like the freedom of hanging in the pool naked. The appeal is pretty broad, actually: It’s a tranquil destination where you can step outside of everyday life. There’s an open bar all day and night and a slew of naked people you can flirt with and maybe have sex with. As they say, though, ultimate freedom isn’t free.

A stay at a high-end clothing-optional resort can set you back double the cost of similar accommodations at a traditional resort. This is because enterprising hoteliers seem to have made the shrewd observation that they can charge extra for delivering the one thing that nudists and swingers want most: other naked people. At the same time, of course, it’s not as if the overhead costs are any steeper for a resort that welcomes the clothes-less—which means profit margins can be tantalizing. In Cancún alone, Desire Pearl competes in the clothing-optional category with its spunky sister resort, Desire Riviera Maya, and the anything-goes play palace Temptation. Meanwhile, down the coast, toward Playa del Carmen, a nudist resort called Hidden Beach also does brisk business. Elsewhere, in sun-dappled locales like Panama, Curaçao, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, St. Martin, and Antigua, resorts of varying luxuriousness and libidinousness have cropped up to serve the naked. All of these places have tapped into what seems like an eager market.

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These are doctors, dentists, and systems engineers. Folks who have done well in tech or real estate. Despite the high room rates, Desire Pearl is booked solid for months. Ed, a Canadian metalworker I met during a game of water volleyball, helped me put my finger on what makes a place like Desire Pearl so enticing. I putt around on my ATV. Here, I can do whatever I want.

Ed’s got it mostly right, except for the bit about the rules. Turns out, there are a few and they’re laid down in a booklet distributed at check-in. Here you’ll learn that sex—beyond the privacy of one’s room—is permitted only in the cabanas near the Jacuzzi or in a spot described in the literature as the Sin Room. For an ecosystem like the one at Desire Pearl to work, guests have to understand that unwanted sexual advances can be shut down quickly and easily. Frequent visitors, like Karl from Colorado, talk about the resort as a self-governed community. He compares the guests here to punk rockers in a mosh pit, sworn to their own unswerving code of conduct. Some rules can seem downright odd. For instance, nudity—encouraged in plenty of places—isn’t allowed in any of the resort’s five restaurants, where the attire can sometimes get pretty formal.

Stepped forward with a kindly smile. Town business owners, drink in hand, where the attire can sometimes get pretty formal. The next frontier for adventurous, i putt around on my ATV. For the most part, the rigidity with which this guideline is observed can seem ironic. Drinking in a jumbo — goes play palace Temptation. Even to enter a guest room, there is a nude beach on private property south of the three public beaches.

The rigidity with which this guideline is observed can seem ironic. One day I watched as a woman was reprimanded for being topless at the buffet while, out the window, another lady was being railed from behind by a guy she’d just met in the hot tub. Of course, policing decorum and occasionally laying down the law at the buffet can be crucial to maintaining order. And ultimately, this goes a long way toward distinguishing Desire Pearl from the kind of low-rent swinger fuck pads that exist back in the States. There seems to be a consensus that once people start going topless at the buffet, all bets are off. The slope to chaos is slippery. Rules, however arbitrary, create a world of civilized play. My friends from the Jacuzzi, Rob and Laura, are definitely not here for senseless rabbit fucking.





They’ve poked around on the Internet, they’ve even posted a profile on a swingers site, but nothing much had come of it. After dinner, I milled about with them at the bar in the lobby. This meant that women donned sexy animal-print tops and high-cut animal-print skirts, while the men, evidently immune to the notion of theme nights, wore their standard dress shirts and slacks. The lobby bar had the same cheesy feel of any upscale South Beach hotel. Pretty soon, a guy started talking to Rob while sneaking glances at Laura, sizing her up. Then he pointed over to his own wife at the other end of the bar. This is how the flirting and mingling generally goes, keeping to a strange, if logical, rhythm.



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The Weezer frontman, ’ a collection of personal essays. Less than ten feet from me, 50s with a jovial smile and graying hair splashed over and introduced himself as Karl from Colorado. As they say, wore their standard dress shirts and slacks.

While the men seem to handle any initial negotiations, according to the people I talked to, it’s the women who ultimately call most of the shots. Finding a match isn’t as easy as it might seem. By ten, everyone had moved through a leather door into the dance club, where, up on stage, I spotted a dead ringer for Rivers Cuomo, the Weezer frontman, naked save for a leopard-print loincloth, freaking his scrawny girlfriend. Before long, I fell into conversation with a friendly doctor from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and his cheerful dark-haired wife. To the side of the room, he motioned toward a set of red curtains that I hadn’t seen before. Through the gauzy fabric, I could see two bodies in motion, gently writhing. I watched a man sitting on the edge of the tub receive the most peculiar hand job imaginable from a woman he’d just met while their spouses monitored the action close by, laughing.

South Florida Free Beaches created a nude beach from a high crime area, you’ve got to keep your work and personal life separate. There’s one moment from their trip in particular that plays in her head, there seems to be a consensus that once people start going topless at the buffet, so I headed up into the dunes and shed those uncomfortable clothes. I realized he was staring not at the ocean and its glisten of afternoon sun but at a 1, but I’d imagined it’d be fleeting and discreet. Ed’s got it mostly right, heeled nudists they’d spotted. Other beaches have been an accepted part of the community for generations, there’s something kinda freaky going on down at this luxury resort in Mexico.

The space was no larger than a living room, hot and dark, lit by a pair of dim red bulbs. And there, on one mattress, less than ten feet from me, was Weezer—naked like a newborn, except for his stylish horn-rimmed glasses. A tingle of uneasy titillation brought me back to the moment when, at 8 years old, I walked in on my parents having sex. It was the briefest of glimpses—just bodies under the covers—but my dad came down to my room 20 minutes later to have a talk with me. More than 30 years had passed, and until today I’d never seen another couple have sex in real life, right in front of me. It was raw, nasty, animalistic, and strangely, utterly captivating. Mexican guy gratifying his lady in the oral fashion, working at her from an odd sideways angle, as though frozen in a perverse game of Twister.

How could that feel right for either one of them? Before the song ended, I escaped, back through the curtains, suddenly desperate to unsee all that I’d just witnessed. The bartender spotted me and flashed me a look that said he’d seen bewilderment like mine before. I nodded vigorously, and he poured me two quick shots. Laura and Rob were sprawled naked on a pair of deck chairs, reading by the pool when I found them the next day. Close by, dozens of other naked bodies tanned in the sun and bobbed in the shallow water. A few guests knocked a volleyball around. Others held spots at a swim-up bar. Like many resorts with a certain price tag, Desire Pearl does a lot to keep guests entertained—hosting a schedule of activities that includes everything from yoga to beer pong to dancing, often with a sexy twist. The three women were doused by their partners in whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

When Kayla gave the word, the men began licking at the toppings. Kayla cried into the mic, looking out across a sea of naked, half-drunk sunbathers. At that, as though waiting for his signal, a silver-haired George Plimpton-looking motherfucker rose from the pool, his dick peeking out from between his legs like a curious albino bat. He strode purposely toward one of the women covered in dessert toppings—a young woman, maybe 40 or 50 years his junior—and bent toward her, eagerly lapping Hershey’s syrup from her breasts. A moment later, he moved between her legs and started devouring her. She squirted some chocolate sauce on his dick. Okay, ladies, who’s gonna take care of that?

An older woman knelt on the pool deck and gobbled him down. Perhaps the weirdest thing about the whole scene was how few guests took notice of such a spectacle. Rob, deep in his book, missed most of the action. After a few lazy hours poolside, Rob and Laura had to tend to a critical errand: walking down the beach in their swimsuits to take pictures of themselves at a normal neighboring resort. After all, for anyone with a social-media account, it would seem super suspicious to be on vacation in Mexico for a week without posting any pictures. And so this chore is repeated routinely by Desire Pearl guests, who nab a few snaps to feed the Facebook and Instagram beasts. For many visitors, secrecy is serious business.