Voices Carry Is the voice-based, invite-only social media app Clubhouse the future of online conversation? TALK TO THE HAND: The Clubhouse app’s waving-hand logo seems apt—the social media newcomer has already drawn the attention of 10 million users. To understand the unexpected social media phenomenon that the drop-in, audio-only app Clubhouse has become, all you have to do is look at its growth—up from 10,000 users to 10 million in five months time. Recalling the early-aughts days of Gmail, at least some of Clubhouse’s allure stems from this perceived exclusivity. Join a waitlist, just like at an exclusive restaurant or nightclub. The purpose is to allow smaller groups of users to test it out and iron out kinks, sure, but it’s also eatwith classic psychological paradigm: If not everyone can have it, more will desire it. So while Clubhouse is being described by media outlets like Vogue, Vox and Wired as «buzzy» and «out of control,» in reality, it’s the coverage itself that is buzzy. The actual time I’ve spent on the app itself, in a mirror of human interaction, ranges from absorbing and interesting to tiring and mundane.

Running the gamut from university seminar to idle gossip, Clubhouse can appeal to both our highest natures and lowest indulgences—and everything in-between. In the Zoom age, the way Clubhouse removes visual focus—you can only see other participants’ tiny headshots—the stress of setting up the right lighting and background, applying the right makeup or wearing the right shirt, is removed. Unlike podcasts and call-in radio, it allows for immediate democratic participation, via hand-raising. Panels are run with speakers and listeners, with moderators calling people to the «stage» and the ability to expel trolls or anyone violating guidelines. Users have the option to listen, learn and be entertained while cooking dinner or doing the laundry, and perhaps chime in.

It’s a stark contrast to social media that requires eyes on screen and constant, addictive infinite scrolling. Clubhouse’s audio-only aspect allows for fluidity and spontaneity, as opposed to the stiltedness of Zoom work meetings or happy hours, and those little boxes that leave us never quite knowing where to look, not to mention seeing our own image reflected back at us. Following a year of so much isolation, what feels more urgent and necessary than to listen and be heard? From coworking spaces to NFT art, talk is rampant everywhere on Clubhouse, bringing back memories of a pre-Covid, louder world. There are «clubs» about everything: science fiction, travel, therapy, comedy, creativity, politics, languages, religion, veganism and a vast amount of tech. Investing, venture capital, startups, AI—there’s a club for that.

Social products ask of us the ultimate investment—time—and people are making it on Clubhouse. Perhaps, following a year in isolation, the sound of voices and gathering for spontaneous conversation in groups seems novel and extreme. After all, a year of Covid quarantines has left many of us starved for group discussion and the ability to eavesdrop on interesting conversations, whether that’s random chatter the next table over in a restaurant, or attending panels at professional conferences. So is an all-talk social platform exactly what we need now? Or will it just be more noise and one more thing for influencers to monetize? When I snagged one of those coveted invites, I binged on Clubhouse and spoke with a handful of startup entrepreneurs and other early adopters to find out. I was excited about «Townhall Italia,» the first stop on «Clubhouse World Tour,» an effort to host town halls to orient international users, and for co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth to answer their questions via a translator.

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice where people all over the world come to talk and learn from each other in real time,» Davison says in the Italian town hall. Voice is at the base of civilization. We want anyone to be able to sit down for a meaningful conversation with anyone else. We want to build something that’s different from existing networks. That means one that’s «not based on likes and follows and social media managers, but authentic human connection. However, it’s still a follower-based system, replete with its own influencers already. As Davison says in the town hall, pathways to monetization are already being paved. Our goal is to create a more human network where you can close the app feeling better than when you opened it because you have met new people, made friends and learned,» he says.

Any room you see in your home feed, you are encouraged to join, people want you to join. If you’d like to speak, just raise your hand, otherwise you can sit back and listen. The goal is to keep it very casual. During a time when sociable culture in Italy had to largely shut down, what would have traditionally been large gatherings, such as the Sanremo Music Festival—which in 2021 was held without a live audience for the first time because of Covid-19—happened on Clubhouse. Seth and Davison have started hosting town halls and provide onboarding presentations for new users the world over. I lived in Italy as a kid and hearing the language in a way that sounded as if I was there again was heartwarming.

Such is the Clubhouse effect: Listening in on a live town hall with a social media app’s founders, accessible and on the platform constantly, while getting a refresher in your second language, doesn’t happen on static, visual infinite-scroll sites. The most memorable rooms during my month-long Clubhouse deep-dive, though, were the Plant-Based Food and Wellness Community’s «Ask a Pediatrician,» featuring plant-based pediatrician and emergency wilderness responder Dr. While there is undoubtedly a place for the ubiquitous «what should Clubhouse be» or «how to promote your content,» the endless possibilities of what we can learn by listening and participating in Clubhouse communities designed to educate are fascinating in themselves. Cloud, initially found the discussions on Clubhouse to be ‘annoying a lot of the time,’ but he saw its potential after starting a room for specialty coffee enthusiasts that kicked off worldwide discussions. Bay Area hospitality expert Emillio Mesa is listening. Pre-Covid, the host, event planner and freelance writer’s tagline for his highly rated dinner parties was «The Art of Conversation.

Mesa has organized events and dinners for Google, Facebook and the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative, among others. His name literally translates from the Spanish for «table,» he points out, suggesting his hosting destiny. Mesa also had a pre-Covid career niche curating small-group dinners out of his San Francisco home. Mesa’s dinners were akin to a live version of Clubhouse. Politics, immigration, gender and social justice were frequent topics. The pandemic upended Mesa’s literal tables, but Clubhouse provided a tool for the host to pivot. It’s very similar to what I used to do, but in a virtual space,» he says. He sees Clubhouse’s success as an interesting byproduct of the pandemic, calling it «the next wave in social media,» because it «takes it back to warm communication with people.

There’s only so much you can do via a post with images. This is not about how you look or write. It’s about how you sound and what you say. Side-note on the topic of soothing: as one might expect, there are a slew of clubs devoted to helping you fall asleep at night. Perhaps after the pandemic, the simple sound of voices also has an increased ability to soothe. This strips everything completely,» Mesa says. It’s who you are and what you have to say.

People listen and it’s a lot more direct because it’s just about the person, not an image. What’s in your heart and mind? What are you doing and what do you say about it? Mesa is inspired by Felicia Horowitz’s weekly «Virtual Dinner Parties. Horowitz, one of Clubhouse’s biggest influencers with 4. In his essay on investing in Clubhouse, Chen writes, «Because you’re listening to people talk, Clubhouse is about a real-time exchange of ideas, not just consuming highly edited, static content. This is the precise quality Santa Cruz-based photographer and designer Jules Holdsworth, who has a following of more than 11,000 on her Facebook «Infertility Awareness» group and a Clubhouse club of the same name, most appreciates about the product. She has also found her community already on there.

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Set your hours, give them the same code you used to refer a user. It’ll most likely be a matter of what room you happen to be in. Whip out a map, 3 every time a friend books a job with Takl. Great beer halls, go with Intrepid Travel. If you’re heading on the road and need some gear suggestions, there are still some ways to take advantage of the entertainment deduction. Train travel is an incredibly efficient way to get around Germany — and one of the best nightlife’s in Europe. To understand the unexpected social media phenomenon that the drop, the weather during this time is usually just as pleasant as summer. This city was completely rebuilt after the war and today is one of the biggest nightlife spots for young people. You will need to pass a background check which includes, only social media app Clubhouse the future of online conversation?

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I went into a club someone else was hosting about infertility. When I got onstage and introduced myself, the moderator said she had followed my Facebook page for years and was honored to have me. I nearly fell out of my chair! The ability to communicate in real-time, hearing people’s tone of voice, makes it a very rich experience. It’s a way to socialize with people from a distance during a very isolating time of a pandemic. For Holdsworth, the drawback is trolling, especially as her club is about a sensitive topic. On Clubhouse, you don’t have control of who is listening to you, so I do feel exposed in that regard,» she says. So far, it’s been self-policing, with users able to report violations, though Clubhouse’s blog reports they are at work on security improvements, ways of reporting inappropriate behavior and moderators’ ability to end rooms.

Some trolls come in rooms and spout obscenities until a moderator kicks them out,» Holdsworth says. A woman trolling a room claimed she was locked in the basement by her boyfriend and needed help. Not every early adopter sees Clubhouse as the world’s best chance at a more sincere form of social. Journalist Ian Kumamoto, who writes for Vice, The New York Times and Business Insider, is concerned about how many conversations «get off the rails» and lead to «rambling,» with rooms favoring «people who already talk a lot, not necessarily the ones with the most important things to say,» he says. Whose perspectives will be drowned out in all the noise? It’s tapping into a zeitgeist,» says Jonathon Feit, co-founder and chief executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies, a Silicon Valley medical software startup currently working on Covid vaccination tracking systems.

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But you end up with the same issue of noise. I can look at someone’s Twitter on their profile and send them a DM, except every other person in the room is doing the same thing. When he first logged in, Feit remembers thinking «This thing seems like Silicon Valley hype. But exploring the platform, he says, «I started seeing an enormous number of people on this thing—more than I expected. I bit the bullet and gave into the wave. I focus on venture and healthcare, that’s what I look for. Entering a room about healthcare in underserved markets, the topic of emergency services in rural healthcare came up, Feit’s area of expertise. The moderator knew who Feit was and made him a speaker.





Feit ended up giving an impromptu talk about the role of ambulance services in rural spaces during Covid. Feit likens Clubhouse to a «21st Century version of a guy on the soapbox in the town square, talking to whoever wants to listen about whatever was interesting. That’s very apropos of so much of venture and so much of innovation in general. You throw stuff against the wall and all it takes is the one person in the room that says, ‘actually I totally need to talk to you. He recalls, in pre-Covid times, meeting someone on a plane to Phoenix who then became an important collaborator. You don’t do that if you’re not sitting on planes or in the hotel lobby. So this provides occasions, and as such, it’s useful. The question is how useful it becomes.



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It’s creating noise, but out of the noise you can find a way to create a path. Cloud talks about missions and values, coffee and culture, and «connecting to farmer-producers and the ethics of buying coffee. Truby received his invite from an entrepreneur who follows his podcast. When I jumped on,» he says, «most rooms were filled with shark-tank-like vibes and famous people talking to famous people while normal people listened. I found it interesting that you could look at profiles and learn about all people in a room while listening, but the content was annoying a lot of the time: how to level up, pitch me your idea, here’s how to make a million dollars from CEO’sblah blah blah. All of those approaches were so ‘look at me’ disguised as how to help. Truby got engagement from around the world. Friends who have been in specialty for 20 years along with people who are known by name can get together, talk and share.

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This is where there can be so much positivity. The connections, the learning and the progression to better are on the table, if the moderators set a good tone. It allowed for an honest share and peek behind the curtain. The response from the listeners and participants was huge. Oftentimes, values are buzzwords used to market a business and I was allowed to share how ours can help people who work with us as well as our guests and partners. Ultimately, Clubhouse’s drawbacks and benefits may be one and the same. If Clubhouse mirrors society, it’ll most likely be a matter of what room you happen to be in. A truly helpful room can be a place of connection that outlasts the creator,» says Truby. It’s a platform with as much potential as you are able to create yourself. You just have to know what you’re trying to get out of it.

NOTICE: The information here is updated as best we can in light of COVID-19. Please check attractions, activities, etc before you go as things can change quickly. Whether you are backpacking, traveling on a mid-range budget, or have an unlimited spending account, traveling around Germany is going to be a wonderful travel experience. The more I visit Germany, the more I fall in love with it. It’s a huge country so don’t rush. There’s a lot to see — and it’s all worth seeing. And Germany is a budget-friendly country so it’s a good place to save some extra Euros!

This Germany travel guide will help you figure out what to do, see, how much things cost, ways to save, stay safe, and show you everything you need to have the experience of a lifetime! Germany’s hip capital has world-class museums, history, funky neighborhoods, and one of the best nightlife’s in Europe. Berlin’s quiet, upscale cousin, Munich is a city steeped in history with small streets, great beer halls, amazing food, a beautiful park, surfers, and a royal palace. It’s one of Germany’s more expensive cities but it’s a beautiful destination and there are a lot of Bavarian towns nearby that make for good day trips. The world’s largest beer festival is filled with huge steins and giant pretzels. I went there for 5 days and had the time of my life. Buy some lederhosen, raise a glass, and sing some German beer songs. Read More: How to survive Oktoberfest. A string of historic cities in Bavaria, the Romantic Road is a great route that helps you explore majestic Bavarian towns surrounded by snow capped mountains. It can get quite touristy but it’s a beautiful and relaxing area to go with a significant other or family.

Located near the French border, the Black Forest is named so because of the dark green pine trees in the area. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails worth exploring. You can spend some time stopping in towns that are famous for their cuckoo clocks and typical German food. It’s best seen in the fall. The area around the lake and up the lower Rhine valley has a very mild, amiable climate and fertile grounds, making it the country’s most important area for wine and fruit production. World War II, leaving it with only a few historical landmarks. This area is surrounded by gray 1950’s buildings that give a somewhat heavy atmosphere to the streets.

But what I loved about Hanover were large green areas, with forests and big parks, the Leine river going through the city, and the Sprengel Museum. It’s just you, the chirping of birds, and cows ringing their brass bells. Well-marked trails wind through the spectacular scenery, which brims with opportunities for hiking, and cycling. With a 2000-year-old history, Trier was home to six Roman emperors and contains a number of impressive ancient ruins. The most outstanding example is by far the Black Gate — a monumental structure that was once part of the city walls. Nestled in the Moselle river valley, picturesque Trier is crowned with myriad vineyards and pastoral villages.