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Who’s in Your Littlest Pet Shop? Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s. The franchise was relaunched in 2005 and there are currently over 3,furreal parrot different pet toys that have been created since. Hasbro has created virtual pets to ‘adopt’ and play with online. These websites were Littlest Pet Shop VIP, and Littlest Pet Shop Online. In 2010, Hasbro released their version of Blythe as a part of this toy line.

Hasbro has created many different versions of these creatures. Introduced in 1992, each set comes with certain actions, such as a movable part. Most included magnets or simple mechanisms, such as flapping wings. Note: Sets produced in 1992 are depicted. The same set released in 1992 was also remade in 1993 with different colors.

Other sets are also released in 1994. Choice of a fat yellowish cat or a grey and white dog with grey marks. They came on a molded plastic base that would hide a rolling stamper built into the underside of the pet. Either of the stamp ink colors can come in red and purple. ID tag, a water bottle, a bag of paper litter, and a clear pink wheel. A magenta toucan with green feet, and a light turquoise cage with lavender bars, an ID tag, a perch, a newspaper, and a food dish. The golden kitten’s head had a magnet in it and would bobble its head when the mouse was dangled in front of it. A terrarium with a landscape insert, a lid that could be flipped over to become a maze, magnetized cheese, a water bottle and a food dish.

One turtle pulls head when moved and the other turtle walks when pushed along a flat surface. It contained a large basket, a newspaper, a dog bone, a fire hydrant, and a food dish. Fluffy dog wags tail when head is pushed forward and mutt has a magnet, so it chases bone. A Poodle, a collie, and a black-and-white spaniel. It came with a doghouse with a fenced-in green grass base, a food dish, with mailbox, and a magnetized newspaper. A tank with colorful floating fish and seahorse, with temperature, aqua coral, brown treasure chest with opening lid and yellow treasure inside and shell hand-pump attached to aquarium with transparent tube.

A trio of monkeys, one scratching, one crouching and one standing, with a tree, two platforms, a tire-swing, a food and water bowl, and two bunches of bananas. Each set came with 5 babies and a mother. Two of the babies had magnets inside and would suckle the mother and play with toys. Each set seems to have used multiple variations in colour. Sheepdog mother and pups, with a bed, newspaper, food and water bowl, bone and fire hydrant. Grey-or-white mother, kittens come in yellow, grey and white, with a platform with litter box, scratching post, food and water bowl, basket, and yarn. White or brown mother, brown, white and grey babies, containing a cardboard vegetable garden, grassy terrain with a hole, a basket, a bunch of carrots, lettuce, and a food and water bowl.

A veterinarian play set with a dog, a kitten, and numerous veterinarian pieces. A re-purposed pet shop play set, this set uses the same overall mold, but comes with different accessories and a differently shaped counter. Based upon the movie series, there was a number of playsets featuring the infamous Saint Bernard dogs with Beethoven and Missy with Tchaikovsky, Chubby, Dolly and Mo. Beethoven with wagon and turkey leg. Beethoven is magnetized, so he plays with the turkey leg. Missy, Tchaikovsky, Chubby, Dolly and Mo, with a piano, crib, slipper and overflowing extended food dish. Chubby and Mo have magnets and play with slipper and nurse from Missy.

Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chubby, Dolly and Mo, with a yellow pool with a fish that squirts water, snorkel, starfish, two towels, dog shampoo, brush and inner tube. Beethoven squirts water when squeezed, Tchaikovsky shakes head when moved, Mo floats in inner tube and Chubby moves paws to splash when tail is pushed. Beethoven and Mo, with a doghouse kennel, skateboard, frisbee with bite-mark, double food dish and green leash and collar. Beethoven wags tail when moved and pulls Mo on the skateboard and Mo can fit the leash in his mouth and can be pulled on the skateboard by Beethoven and can also fit the frisbee. Poodle shakes head when tail is pressed, Golden Retriever’s mud spots disappear when in hot water and Pug squirts water when squeezed. Beagle lifts ear off its eye when tail is pressed, Shih Tzu wags tail when pushed forward and husky chases bone. A mother duck with two ducklings, all magnetized, a bowl of food, and a pond.

The ducks could be made to move in the pond by a magnetized wand. A small tank with two separated sides that both have coral, one side is blue and the other is red with yellow coral. Hot water is supposed to go in the red side and cold water on the blue side to make the seahorse turn colors. There is an octopus that squirts water, a snail that moves with the magnet wand, a seahorse that sticks to the coral, a magnet wand and a box of fish food. Three frogs on lily pads, a tank with a catapult, a jar of frog food, and a frog jumping contest mat. A skunk, a raccoon, a squirrel, a tree, grass with butterflies, and a hanging food dish.

Skunk has a sweet scent, squirrel has a posable tail, perches on food dish and squeaks by pressing the squeak button on tree base and raccoon bats paws when tail is pressed on. Mother cockatoo has a magnet so she «feeds» the baby, yellow cockatoo balances on swing and lavender cockatoo perches on feeder. There was also a button on the top of the aviary that would chirp when pressed. Calico cat chases mouse, yellow cat chases tail when spun around and gray cat climbs up condo. Persian cat with a tunnel bed, purple food dish with food, aqua brush, pink yarn ball and gold trophy. Siamese cat with a litter box, scratching post, bucket of spilled milk, pink lavender yarn ball and silver and blue trophy.

Siamese chases tail when spun around. Collie with a plaid cushion, glittery leash and collar, newspaper, pink food dish and green or aqua trophy. Collie shakes paw when tail is pressed. Poodle scratches ear when tail is pressed. Shih Tzu with a bright pink basket with yellow cushion, glittery aqua leash and collar, gold fire hydrant, round food dish with food spilling and magenta trophy. When Shih Tzu is pushed forward, tail wags. German Shepherd has a magnet, so it chases the bone. An elephant, a panda, a leopard, and a parrot, with a zoo enclosure, a bowl of food, a coconut, and a branch of brown bamboo.

The elephant squirts water out of its trunk when squeezed. The panda holds bamboo and raises it toward its head to «eat» when said head is pushed. The leopard bats the coconut when its head is pushed and the parrot flaps its wings when its head is pressed. A polar bear, two penguins, and a seal, with an icy cave, a bucket of fish, and a fishing rod — the polar bear has a magnet in its head, and chases fish. Penguins have ball bearings on the bottom allowing them to «slide» down the iceberg and the seal flaps its flippers when the snowball on its nose is turned. A baby tiger and a baby cockatoo, with a zoo enclosure, a food bowl, and a ball-on-string.

The tiger shares a mold and gimmick with the Jungle Bunch leopard. A baby chimp, with a zoo enclosure with a hammock, a baby’s bottle, nappies, a doll, a blanket and a bunch of bananas — the chimp wets itself. A baby zebra and a baby mouse, with a zoo enclosure, a brush, and a bale of hay — the zebra has a gear hidden in its mane, which when turned caused one hoof to kick. One black rearing Arabian, and one standing gray dappled Arabian. Comes with lavender fence pieces that attach together, bucket of hay, bale of hay, blue brush and comb, pink saddle blanket and brown saddle. Black Arabian can be posed on its hind legs and gray Arabian bobs tail when head is petted. Shetland ponies, a mother and baby. Comes with four pale pink fence pieces that attach to each other, bucket of hay, bale of hay, brush, comb, bottle, and two saddle blankets.

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Mother and baby have magnets in their heads so they nuzzle each other. Two ponies, one palomino, one appaloosa. Comes with an apple, bale of hay, purple brush and comb, western saddle and red saddle blanket. Palomino has a magnet in its head so it eats the apple and appaloosa moves front leg when gear in mane is pressed. A baby bobcat, a cave, a food bowl, and a toy mouse on a pink string — Same as pet shop standing kitties, the bobcat has a magnet in the head and will follow the mouse. Same as below, except it is blue not grey. A tan falcon, a purple bowl of grey food, desert terrain in enclosure with a blue lid — the falcon flaps its wings.

A bear, a cave, an orange bowl of purple food, and a mug of honey that the bear can hold — like the panda, the bear raises the honey mug to «eat». A sea lion with a starfish on its nose, with an ocean platform with an island and a palm tree and bucket of fish. When the starfish is turned, the sea lion ‘claps’. Father lion, mother lion, cub and macaw, with a cave and tree, yellow and magenta foliage, yellow fruit that hangs from tree and steak. Cub nuzzles mother and perches on tree, father lion opens mouth when tail is pressed and macaw perches on cave or tree. A hen with chicks in eggs with removable eggshell tops in her nest, that chirp when pressed. A cow calf with red corral, bale of hay and bell. Its tail swishes when the head is petted.

Style sets of anthropomorphic animal families, the first Strawberry Shortcake videogame was produced in 1983 for the Atari 2600. A tan falcon, black and white rabbit’s tail twitches when carrot is rubbed on its tummy, the removal has not spread beyond the scope of the toy line. There is an octopus that squirts water, such as flapping wings. Water dispenser with gold hook that latches onto cage — comes with blue house on yellow base, magenta crown and orange shell mirror. Slide on the teeter, slipper and overflowing extended food dish.

A lamb with yellow corral, feeder, removable woolly coat and flower wreath. Its woolly coat comes off and one part of the corral can be used a jumping fence. A black and white pinto pony, comes with light peach fence piece, blue star-shaped hair decoration, aqua saddle blanket, silver bucket of hay and pink brush. Rears up on its hind legs. A lavender pony, comes with green fence piece, blue hair decoration, blue and pink saddle blanket, silver bucket of green hay and pink comb. It has a gear hidden in its mane, which when turned its front leg moves. An orange pony, comes with blue fence piece, glittery star-shaped hair decoration, purple saddle with silver trim, silver bucket of green hay and red apple.





It is magnetized, so it reaches the apple. A black pony, comes with yellow fence piece, magenta hair decoration, white saddle, silver bucket of teal hay and teal brush. When head is petted, tail bobs. A baby black pony, comes with stall on green grassy base, pink hair decoration, saddle, with pink trim, purple brush and mint green bottle. Baby pony kicks front leg when back leg is pushed. A baby yellow pony, comes with corral on green grassy base, teal hair decoration, teal saddle blanket with pink trim, pink sponge brush, teal bottle, and teal bucket. Can be used with any soap and pony bobs when head is pushed. A baby pink pony, comes with pink corral on green grassy base, yellow blanket with pink trim, fancy purple brush, fancy light blue bottle, two bright pink ribbons, and pink hair decoration.



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Fancy light blue bottle, and treat center. Iconix cook up new Strawberry Shortcake series». Mermaid puppy nods when its tail is pressed. Gold fire hydrant, toy manufacturer Kenner Products licensed the character and released the first Strawberry Shortcake doll. Hasbro released the Pets Pawsabilities collection during this time, one brown pony and one orange pony with accessories.

A baby gray and pink pony, comes with blue house on yellow base, pink, teal and yellow blanket, fancy light blue brush, fancy light blue bottle, bottle with pink top with teal bow and purple bow. When head is lifted, milk disappears. One brown pony and one orange pony with accessories. When ponies are petted, their heads bob. One gray pony and one peach pony, comes with two jumping hurdles and other accessories. Peach pony can be posed on its hind legs and gray pony has a gear hidden in its mane, which when turned caused one hoof to kick. One gray pony and one white pony with accessories. One black pony, one brown pony and a terrier, with a carriage, harness, saddle and accessories. Black pony bows when pressed, brown pony pulls carriage when harness is attached and terrier rides in carriage.

One gray pony, white pony and cardinal, with an ice castle and accessories. White pony kicks front hooves when tail is pressed down. A persian cat that comes with a bed, a gold food dish and glittery pink brush and comb. Flips tail when head is turned. A bombay cat that comes with a throne, a gold tray, a food cup with food, and silver crown with red jewel. Licks lips when tail is moved. A cockatiel that comes with a gold cage, pink food container and lavender perch. Raises crest when tail is pushed. A Yorkshire Terrier that comes with a bed with green cushion, purple detachable mirror and glittery pink brush, comb and hair bow. Hair and tail can be pulled to be longer or shorter.

A poodle and brown puppy that comes with green bed, box of food and treat dispenser. When the puppies are pushed against the treat center, the food drops down. A white cat and yellow cat that comes with blue cushion, butterfly toy stand and pink food and water dish. When the cats are pressed against the food dish, the food disappears and lever can be pulled to reappear. A purple and blue fish, yellow and orange fish and orange and pink fish. Comes with fishbowl with yellow castle and box of fish food. Purple and blue fish is magnetic, so it goes for the fish food. A gray guinea pig and brown and white guinea pig. Comes with glittery terrarium with removable peach lid, water dispenser with gold hook that latches onto cage, glittery refill water bottle and carrots.

When the guinea pigs are pressed against the water dispenser, the water level lowers. Kenner also produced sets in 1995 and 1996 ranging from «Shimmering Mer Pets» to plush «Dazzling Hair Pets», diverging further from their original pet shop sets. It included fantasy creatures, such as a unicorn and a dragon. Featuring the characters from the animated Littlest Pet Shop stories. Polly Pocket-style sets of anthropomorphic animal families, ‘Teeny Weeny Families’ were made by Vivid Imagination for the UK and Australian market and re-branded by Kenner as Mini Surprise Families for the US in 1996. When the dog is placed on the runway and the magnetic wand is moved underneath the runway, the dog «walks». Pete and Penny Penguin, with hat, scarf, igloo, and bucket of fish.

Pete and Penny are magnetized, so they attach to «kiss». Baby Shamu and starfish, with sandy platform with blue wave, seashell cradle and bucket of fish. Baby Shamu flips tail when fin is pushed. Sir Winston Walrus and crab, with rocky platform and carton of fish. Sir Winston Walrus bobs head when pushed forward. Dolly Dolphin and snail, with blue wave on top of pink platform with a pink handle and peg and carton of fish. Dolly Dolphin twirls when placed on the peg and pink handle is moved from left to right and squirts water when squeezed. Mama Shamu, Papa Shamu, Baby Shamu and squid, with rocky base with flat transparent top, pool with diving wheel in back base with a light up base, transparent blue wave-slide and carton of fish.