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Garage Door Garage door repairs Mart is the consumer choice for all garage door parts and accessories. Our online garage door parts center has a wide selection of low cost parts and accessories to meet our customer’s needs. The founder of the company has over 30 years of garage door repair and installation experience. The selection of quality parts and accessories is essential to providing the customer with true value for their purchase. Not only are the prices wholesale to the public and extremely low, but the quality is considered as the standard that top rated professional garage door dealers insist on. When repairing your garage door or automatic opener is on your to-do list, you don’t have the time to waste looking at the entire internet. Opener brands and models serviced include Liftmaster, Genie, Marantec, Skylink, Craftsman, Linear, Hormann, Allstar, Chamberlain, Guardian, Sears, Heddolf, Challenger, Door-King, Wayne Dalton, Sommer, Raynor, Overhead, Stanley, Pulsar, Millers Edge, GTO and more.

Consumer safety is very important to our company and should be for you also. It is recommended that you follow all manufacturers safety and installation instructions. Garage Door Parts Mart recommends that you consider replacing any automatic garage door opener built prior to 1993. Please see Consumer Product Safety Commission Report. One of the most common repairs for garage doors is replacing a broken torsion spring.

When choosing your springs, you can be assured that our springs are made in the USA. Oversea knock offs will leave you wishing you had our guaranteed USA quality torsion springs. Our springs are manufactured with tempered steel wire, unlike the overstretched, thinned out inferior metals used overseas. There is no comparison in quality or value. Other common garage door repairs that we can provide parts for are garage door cables, garage door rollers, safety sensors, garage door hinges, garage door track issues, garage door brackets, garage door drums, garage door torsion tubes, garage door bearings, end plates, jamb brackets, j-arms, trolleys, limit switches, capacitors, remote controls, keyless entry systems, carriage assemblies, gear and sprocket sets, couplers, rpm switches, relays, circuit boards and many, many more. Do it Yourself, Garage Door Parts Mart is the place to get the Quality Parts at the Best Price.

We look forward to serving you. Jeff Beneke is a home renovation and conversion expert. He has also edited and written multiple articles and books on the topic. Hi, I thought you might like this article from The Spruce: Fall and Spring Garage Door Maintenance. There is an easy 10-step routine that you can follow. For convenience, you can time your garage door inspection to coincide with other seasonal activities, such as winterizing the lawn sprinklers and turning them back on in the spring, or getting your lawnmower in and out of storage for the season. Problems with your garage door and automatic opener are often manifest in jerky movements and grating, scraping sounds.

Inspect the tracks on both sides of the door to make sure they are free of debris and rust. Because the typical garage door moves up and down many hundreds of times each year, the motion and vibration can loosen up the door and track hardware. Check out the brackets holding the door tracks to the wall and ceiling as well as the fasteners anchoring the garage door opener unit to the framing. Use a socket wrench to tighten up any loose bolts you find. The rollers along the edge of the garage door should be inspected at least twice a year and replaced every five to seven years. During your inspection, replace any rollers you find that are chipped, cracked, or worn. Most of the rollers can be removed by simply removing the brackets holding them to the door.

Warning: Do not remove the bottom roller bracket on each side of the door because these are attached to the lift cables, which are under extreme tension. Inspect the lift cables and pulleys that attach to the bottom roller brackets on the door. These provide the connection between the springs and the door to help lift and lower the door safely. Most experts advise that cables and springs should not be touched by homeowners since these high-tension parts can be dangerous. If you spot any broken strands or other signs of wear or damage on the cables, call in a service person for assistance. Keeping the rollers and other moving parts well lubricated will reduce stress on the rollers and door openers and prolong their useful lives.

Also, lubricate the pulleys on extension-spring openers and the bearings on torsion-spring openers. Wipe a little oil on the torsion spring if it is rusty. If the opener has a metal chain or screw, spray white lithium grease on the opener’s chain or screw, but do not use a lubricant on a belt-drive opener. If your garage door is not properly balanced, the garage door opener will have to work harder, and it won’t last as long. Automatic garage door openers should have an auto-reverse feature that is designed to stop and reverse the direction of the door if it detects an object in the path of the door or it hits an object while the door is closing. This system is activated by a pressure sensor or by a pair of photocells on each side of the door. Test the pressure sensor by placing a scrap 2×4 board flat on the ground in the path of the door. When the door comes down and touches the board, it should reverse direction and go back up again.

To test the photoelectric system that has eye sensors on each side, start your door downward in a closing direction, then just pass your leg in the door’s path. Consult your garage door opener instruction manual for directions on how to adjust the auto-reverse function. Older garage door openers that lack this basic feature, which is now mandated by building code in many areas, should be replaced. The rubber weatherstripping along the bottom of the door helps keep out the cold as well as water, dust, and dirt. Check it twice a year to make sure it is in good shape. Some weatherstripping fits into the bottom of the door using a flange that slides into a groove in the bottom of the door. Weatherstripping for wooden garage doors is usually nailed in place.

If your door has weatherstripping along the sides, also check its condition and reattach any loose spots or replace the entire length of stripping if it is badly worn or damaged. Inspect the door itself when you are checking out the other components. If the door is steel, look for rust spots that should be sanded, primed, and painted. Fiberglass doors can be washed with an all-purpose cleaner. Pay particular attention to wood doors, since warping and water damage are common. Remove chipped and peeling paint, then sand and repaint. How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs?

Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. As an essential home service provider, we are committed to our normal business hours to best serve you at this important time. M1728 647q0 22-26 48l-363 354 86 500q1 7 1 20 0 21-10. 5q-19 0-40-12l-449-236-449 236q-22 12-40 12-21 0-31. I called to find out if they service our area and they did. I am so happy I did.

First the tech, Craig, came out and tried to fix our garage door opener. Thought he had it all taken care of but before he got through getting it all set and working it started doing its own thing again. Only option was to purchase a new one. Got us in for an appointment the following morning. He showed up with a professional attitude and a courteous smile. Eager to help address the problem. Once I explained our situation he took a quick look and realized immediately it was our springs. Unfortunate for us to find out the brand our door is made by is no longer, so a conversion was necessary.

As any customer we worry about the cost. I am impressed by the efficiency of A1 Garage Door Service! I rally liked the security of seeing who the tech who was coming to fix my garage door in an email. Also being able to track the truck in the neighborhood, with arrival time counting down, to his arrival. We just had Justin T out to replace our springs and he was fantastic. We did not feel pressured into any decision and felt like we were given the most information to make the best decision for our home goals. Very friendly, professional, and easy to have in your home.

We felt safe with them and that they were honest about our garage door situation. Door spring broke so I called A1 at 6 pm. Jacob arrived by 8 pm and did a great job of explaining what he found and what he could offer to fix the system immediately. He also found that our 13 year old garage door opener was on its last leg and offered to replace it with a higher quality unit he had with him. All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with A1’s customer service, quick response and quality workmanship at a fair price. Nick was very thorough and completed the work in a timely manner. He explained all of the work that he was going to do and the work that would need to be done in the future in a way that was easy to understand. I was able to get an appointment on the day that I called.

I received a text to confirm the appointment plus a photo of the technician. Nick called to let me know he would be at my home within 15 minutes. This is a way to describe A1 Garage. On their second visit to my property Cody W did an amazing job to take care of a small issue with the installation. He was fast professional and took pride in his work. Thank you for taking care of it on a timely manner and thank you for that amazing customer service. I definitely will recommend this company to anyone. My technician was Mario,polite and wearing a mask.

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He inspected my door system and explained all my options. From cheapest quick fix to what should be done to have it last and be safe. Not cheap but Mario gave me all possible discounts and I feel that I got a good quality repair. Very good tech and good quality company. Technician Carl F 046-J was a well trained and professional employee. Spoke very clearly in describing each unit and all their pros and cons. He insured exactly what I needed and made the install of our unit quick and professional.

He was super nice and one of the coolest cats to work out at my home. He was even working on his Birthday. Thank you again for great service. A1’s service and prices are excellent. I dealt with manually opening and closing it for about a year before I decided I couldn’t handle the hassle anymore. I can’t say enough good about our technician, Austin Yeager.

He is the MOST professional, genuine, thoughtful and courteous representative of ANY company we have EVER done business with. His honesty, knowledge and reassuring way is second to none. He has such patience, as we asked many questions about our repair process and he answered each and every one of them with ease and a smile on his face. He went so above and beyond for us and earned customers for life. Brandon with an I, was amazing. Words cannot describe how great the customer service was and how much he did for us.





I would highly recommend A1 Garage Door Service. I never leave comments but Brandon’s service deserves a great review. Brandon, set us up with a new garage door opener. The installation was challenging not sure how Brandon did what he did, but he is very knowledgeable. Rory and Brandon took SUCH good care of us! They were so pleasant and polite, and did such a great job. It was easy to schedule an appointment, and I even got one for the next day.



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CDI certified technicians and the topnotch customer care that only we can provide for residential garage doors and commercial — check for other worn or rusted components. A disadvantage of monolithic panel doors is that the swing, levi showed up before noon and got right to work. A sheet steel garage door has a typical insulation R, and fixed it.

They came within the window quoted. They were honest about the work we needed done, and finished installing an entire new system in less than 3 hours. They offered me a military discount which I thought was great! Russ came out for our estimate and was personable and professional. Was on time exactly for our appointment and answered all of our questions. When the garage door replacement took place, the technician was also exactly on time and very professional. Jason Salazar was very friendly and did a great job.

The springs contract, we are a family owned and operated company with local offices in various cities. Do it Yourself, which is why I plan to purchase my new motor from this establishment. Serious injury or death can be caused by the projectile pieces of a failed torsion spring. We do not let them onto the field until we know that they are completely trained, replace them before installing the new springs. When I called to set an appointment, and they provided their expert advice when we weren’t sure.

Extreme attention to detail and you can tell this guy enjoys his career. Great customer service from start to finish. I did quite a bit of pricing research and A1 had best rates for both the parts as well as install. Mario came out to my Phoenix home the very next day and installed a new opener and keypad. I was having problems with my garage door A1 was able to come out within a few days. Their customer service rep over the phone was very friendly. Justin was our technician, he explained the whole process of what we needed an why. We were able to get an October deal with them, Justin worked very hard to get us the best deal possible. Before he left he explain everything about how the new garage door and how the gears work.

A1 was having a sale for garage door lube and inspection. When I called to set an appointment, the gentleman helping me was so nice. I knew right away I would do business with this company and I was not disappointed. Rory arrived right on time and took care of the door. He told me things I could do but did not try for an up sell. He even paired the garage door opener to my car which I had tried and was unable to do. A1 Garage is an outstanding company! I asked for a minor fix for new key pad and the Technician identified the model and matched the replacement in no time at all. I had an issue with a sensor and he gave me a quote and went to work replacing everything.

He completed the installation quickly and tested it. The work was clean and very efficient. I would definitely recommend their service! A1 worked with us to get us a great price on a new garage door and the service was truly «A1» from start to finish. The techs were very professional and courteous. I cannot thank Mario at A1 Garage enough! He came out the same day, and after hours to repair my garage!

He was on time, courteous, explained everything to me, and went over the quote prior to the service. I really appreciated the same day availability. 7 hours or are even open on a Sunday! I will definitely recommend and use again in the future! We called A1 due to our garage door not being installed correctly which lead to it collapsing in itself right down the middle. I spoke with them around 3 in the afternoon and by 530 pm I had Justin and Steve at my house. They got right to work, asking what we were looking to do, what we were looking for, and they provided their expert advice when we weren’t sure.

Had a really positive experience with Justin T from A1 Garage Door Service. My wife and I moved into a new home together and our garage door stopped working within the few weeks. Justin did a really good job of explaining the issues and gave clear and transparent options on how to proceed. I appreciate the straight forward and honest approach to having repair work done. If you’re looking for quality service give A1 a call. They kept me posted on Craig, our technician’s anticipated arrival. He installed our new garage door opener and was quick and thorough. He spent time with me reviewing the operation and programming.